Daisy is truly a “one in million” professional, and I can’t say enough positive things about her. I was referred by a co-worker to seek treatment from Daisy over two years ago and have been a devote patient/client since. I’m a veteran permanently retired from the military because of health problems that were acquired while on active duty, and I can honestly say that I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of different health care professionals. None of them, whether practicing western medicine or alternative medicine, compare to Daisy. She is very knowledgeable, altruistic, honest, and professional. She always makes me feel comfortable, at ease, and understood. I’ve never felt any judgement towards me. Her practice is always very clean and private. I strongly recommend her help.

Michelle, Navy veteran, 2/15


I met Daisy a few years back when she was offering free auricular acupuncture at a local veterans organization.  I had never tried acupuncture before, but had a few friends suggest that I give it a try.  At the time I was struggling with some tendon issues in my elbow that had plagued me for about 6 months, so when Daisy said she thought she could help I figured why the heck not.  Almost immediately I noticed improvement in not only the pain in my elbow, but also in my overall energy and alertness!  After a few weeks of short 20 minute treatments my elbow was back to 100% and I couldn’t be happier.

I recently returned to Daisy as I found myself struggling with Plantar Fasciitis, again going months dealing with the pain.  Daisy and I met for three sessions that lasted about an hour each.  Again I started to notice an amelioration of my symptoms almost immediately.  Within a couple weeks of treatment I was back on the trail running and enjoying my life -without the previous worries when I found myself in excruciating pain from any activity.

What I have appreciated most about working with Daisy is her ability to listen to me and to understand what is happening in my body rather than coming from a perspective of knowing better than I do and doing what she thinks is best (an issue I have had in the past with doctors who discount my experience).  She is also willing to explore options of treatment in order to best address the issue, blending many different techniques skillfully and with intention.  I do and always will consider her my “Miracle Worker”.  Thanks so much for what you do Daisy!

David Dunlap, Marine veteran, 4/15



i can’t thank you enough for destroying a 5 day run headache!  After the treatment, i was …dazed, to say the least, a bit sore from the shiatsu, however as the days passed, (2 that were insanely stressful) the headache was no more and the soreness melted away.  now i do the stretches that you recommended and i can feel it.  I found you to be delightful company throughout the entire treatment, very pleasant and entertaining as well as proficient, professional and personable.    i could go on with more compliments …so if your ever having a down day just email me and i’ll continue :-)  i’m already recommending you to others that have health issues.

Thank you again, Dave, 01/12


Daisy is just not an amazing acupuncturist, but a wonderful, healing soul.  She gives selflessly of her time to serve military families.  Wounded Warriors especially, have seen some amazing “pre deployment” results and all, sing her praises.

Heather Ehle,  06/12    

Executive Director-Founder of Project Sanctuary, Where Military Families Reconnect


The best experience I’ve had in a long time.  I slept, no drugs!  I slept so sound and so hard I felt like I’d slept for a week.  It’s been 3 nights and still no drugs.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Love, Mary Dojcak-Rood, Marine veteran, 06/12


The treatment was an experience and helped to relieve the headache that I experience every day.  She showed my wife how to help to relieve the pain between teatment when we get home.

Thank you, Ricky Rood, Army veteran, 06/12


I experience constant back pain.  Daisy was able to relieve my pain in one session.  She was professional and listened to my concerns.  Daisy explained everything she was going to do and cared about my experience and over-all well being.

Deb Payne,  06/12                                                                                                                     husband is actively serving, U.S. Air Force,  just returned from a 6 month deployment


Daisy gratefully volunteered her time to help me, a returning veteran from Afhganistan.  She was able to help me with my shoulder pain and headaches.  She was very patient and professional.

Thomas Payne,  06/12  active duty Air Force, just returned from a 6 month deployment


I was present as a volunteer at the March 2012 Project Sanctuary Retreat where Daisy Lear was administering acupuncture, massage & cupping to our Military Families.  I was privileged to witness several of the participants during the process, and spoke with them about how they felt before and after their procedures.  Each participant had positive results and were very thankful for her services. 

 I was also interested in receiving her services.  Ms. Lear used acupuncture, shiatsu massage and cupping during my procedure.  I had been experiencing allot of stress and my upper back muscles were very tense.  I had never received any of these services before.  Ms. Lear walked me through the process and answered all my questions thoroughly.  She made me comfortable and told me exactly what she was doing throughout the process. 

 When  my procedure was over, I felt total relief in my upper back muscles and felt like I could sleep very well that evening.  I am usually stressed out at the end of a retreat but was energized and relaxed at the end.  I am very thankful for the opportunity to experience this therapy.  I would recommend her services to anyone looking for relief. 

Kristi Cox,  Army Veteran, 11 years working in Psychiatry, Volunteer for Project Sanctuary 03/12


Daisy took so much time with me and was very responsive and insightful throughout my treatment session.  My allergy symptoms started improving immediately.  I left my session feeling relaxed and refreshed.  I also really appreciate what Daisy is doing for vets.

Kevin H., veteran, Colorado Springs, volunteer for Project Sanctuary, 03/12


This was both my husband’s and my first time with cupping and acupuncture.  We both felt so much relief within minutes of the treatments.  I suffered for seven plus months with sinus problems and have been breathing clearly and feeling better.  My husband has TBI, PTSD and degenerative body from the military.  He’s been up and feeling better since starting with Daisy!  She’s amazing, and truly takes care of people!

Chris and Allison Vetzel, Army veteran, participants at Project Sanctuary, 03/12


This was our first acupuncture session.  Thank you for your hard work and all of your information!

Valdez family, Husband, father, active duty army, 17 years, 6 deployments,

PS participants, 03/12


My first experience and it really was a great one.  I really appreciate that you are providing this service to the veterans and their families.  This is something that I definitely will do again.

Andra, Husband, father, active duty army, 23 years, 2 deployments, PS participant, 03/12


This was my first experience with acupuncture.  I was skeptical for my knee but you made the stiffness go away.  Now I feel great.  Thank you so much.

Michael, aka AWESOME

Husband, father, active duty army, 3 deployments, PS participants


This has been my first experience with acupuncture, I must say that I was amazed at the process and outcome.  I feel amazing.  Thank you so much.


Spouse, participant at Project Sanctuary


Daisy:  I just wanted to take a minute and let you know how it’s going since you put me on the Sea Buckthorn Berry oil.  The flavor is such that I don’t sprinkle it on ice cream or use it as a coffee flavoring but there are several benefits that I am thrilled with. 

I am a mechanic by trade and as such I rotate my wrist repeatedly against strong resistance when using a wrench.  After work I had been experiencing pain and burning in the wrist even when at rest.  I have noticed lately that that pain has diminished considerably and now doesn’t disrupt my sleep as it had prior to using the oil.

Several years ago I had my right hip replaced.  Recently I started to have some pain in my other hip.  The pain was like what I was experiencing when my right hip started to go bad.  Today I had my left hip x-rayed and found that the damage is almost as bad as the damage was to my hip when it was replaced.  Eventually I will have to get the left hip replaced but I feel that will be quite some time in the future because of the Buckthorn oil.  Now I am walking with very little pain which is very manageable as long as I don’t get too tired.  This alone makes the taste of the oil tolerable.  Thank you for suggesting it because it has made a world of difference in my life.

Sincerely:   Butch     02/12


I have been a client of Daisy Lear’s for about 6 years.  I saw her, initially, for pain and numbness in my wrist and hand.  At that time, I had no idea what acupuncture was or what it could do for me.  In no time, I began to feel changes in my body that I never knew could be treated, let alone be eradicated completely.  The Carpal Tunnel symptoms, headaches (that I had had most of my adult life), menstrual cramps, nightmares, insomnia, all gone.  I have also been treated for things like colds and coughs, Gout like symptom in my toe and finger, stress relief, facial scarring due to acne, and minor aches and pains, just to name a few (haha). I have also taken my children to see her for various things like nightmares, colds, infections from bug bites, etc.

The amazing results I have experienced through Daisy’s expertise have changed my perception of the human body and treatment ailments.  I am amazed at the work that Daisy is doing with veterans and their families and glad to support such an important cause.

Krista, Daughter of a Vietnam Veteran, 01/12


I work in the oil field. At that time I was working directly on the rig itself.  It is very physically demanding and I began to have pain in my arms and elbows. My hands began to fall asleep which made it increasingly difficult to perform my job.  My wife suggested that I go see Daisy to see if she could give me some relief.  To my surprise, after the first session, the pain decreased and the sensation in my hands began to return.  I returned to Daisy for another one or two treatments and was completely normal again!  A year or so later, I started having pain in my back that turned out to be Sciatica. I started losing weight and taking pain medication on a daily basis. The doctor I was seeing suggested surgery.  I started going to a chiropractor and to Daisy.  With the help of the two of them together, I have been completely pain free for 5 years.

Shane, son of a Vietnam Veteran, 01/12


I have been receiving acupuncture from Daisy Lear for four weeks and have noticed an improvement in my sleep pattern. I receive weekly treatment for my insomnia, right wrist and shoulder pain. Although I’ve suffered from insomnia almost my whole life no doctor has been able to fix my sleeping disorder. I’ve tried over the counter medication, prescription drugs and have had a sleep study and thus far the only thing that has offered some relief is acupuncture. I am confident that with continued treatment I will soon be able to have a full night’s rest. I plan on continuing to see Daisy for weekly treatments.

Thank you,

Lenina M. Olivas

Daughter of a Vietnam Veteran


“I have lived with the effects of PTSD for over 4 decades. Recently I experienced another period where sleep was difficult even with the use of sleep medication. I started Acupuncture a couple months ago and after a week began to experience an improved ability to fall asleep and stay asleep. I am hopeful I can stop using sleep aids in the near future. Sleep is very important to me and greatly effects my energy level” 

  • Vietnam Veteran.


I have recently been diagnosed with tendinitis in my wrist due to my use of a cane.  The acupuncture I receive from Daisy helps immensely with the pain and inflammation in my wrist.

34 year old veteran of Iraq


September 16, 2011


Jordan Estes

Veterans Helping Veterans Now

600 Terry St. 

Longmont, CO 80501




To whom it may concern:

Daisy Lear and AVF (Acupuncture for Veterans and Their Families) has been a valuable asset to Veterans Helping Veterans Now (VHVnow).  She comes in every Thursday and provides free auricular acupuncture to our clients, all of whom are either veterans or veteran’s family members. 

Her services have helped our client’s cope with a number of symptoms related to PTSD as well as other service related injuries. One of our clients claimed that he had only been able to sleep two to four hours a night. After this particular client received his first treatment he was able to sleep for a full uninterrupted twelve hours.

I am also a veteran. I served five years in the Marine Corps with two tours in Iraq. I receive treatments from Daisy weekly. She has helped me with my ability to fall asleep. She is also willing to work on whatever issues that might I might have on a weekly basis. I am just now getting over a cold. Last night she gave me a treatment to help boost my immune system. She had asked me whether or not I had been coughing up mucus and since my treatment I have not coughed up anything.

Daisy Lear is a capable acupuncturist with a dedication to service. I know that her organization has helped me and I believe that it can grow and help other veterans who are trying to cope with the effects that serving in a combat zone can have on a person.

Thank you


Jordan Estes

OIF Marine Veteran


To whom it may concern

I am the wife of a vet suffering greatly from PTSD.  He has been blessed to find Veterans Helping Veterans Now.  There the vets find counseling and other forms of therapy to help them cope with what they have been through and seen.  One of the most beneficial therapies is the acupuncture that Daisy provides through AVF.  She volunteers her vast skills cheerfully and without charge.  She takes time with each of these worthy veterans, brightening their days with her smile and charm and performing acupuncture to give them the long term benefits this is proven to provide.  

The importance of these services are priceless and yet could not be afforded by these men and their families.  Veterans Helping Veterans Now and all the therapies provided there are without charge and need all the support that can be found in grants and donation.  Please find it in your hearts to include this worthy cause as you consider how to spend your grant and donation moneys.



J. A. Funk

1940 Diamond Drive.

Longmont, Colorado 80504

303 776-6545



To Whom This May Concern:

We hope you will consider what those of us that receive the benefits of your grant have done for our country.  We suffer daily with PTSD, hearing loss from the sounds of war, health problems from exposure to agent orange and other chemicals of war, from the loss of fellow warriors and for some of us even the loss of our families because our experiences rendered us unable to cope with life.  

Daisy volunteers her services at the Veterans Helping Veterans Now.  We are all the better for this acupuncture treatment.  I don’t need to tell you that this works, there are hundreds of studies to validate it’s efficacy.  She freely treats us and our families with a gentle hand and a cheerful smile.  Please do whatever you can to enable this to continue.


Bob Funk

Vietnam Veteran  1967-1968

303 995-9337



I have been seeing Daisy for regular acupuncture for 4-6 weeks now.  She has been treating me for chronic low back pain, leg pain due to sciatica, wrist tendonitis and some PTSD.  I now have more energy than when I began treatments, and the pain in my wrist from the tendonitis, for the most part, gives me no more trouble.  This past week after my session with Michael.  I left in a state of blissful indifference as well as having a slight decrease in my pain level for about 24hrs.  I look forward to seeing continuing improvements in my health in the months to follow.

Jesse, Iraqi Veteran, 09/11


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