Project Sanctuary

In March of 2012 Acupuncture for Veterans and their Families joined Project Sanctuary at the Granby YMCA for their 22nd retreat for military families.  The families, staff and volunteers were very open and glad to receive Chinese medicine and acupuncture services.

During the two and a half days that AVF participated with this retreat, AVF provided 19 treatments, 3 of which were for children, and 4 for staff and volunteers.  Please see the Photo area of this site for pictures taken during the retreat!

At the beginning of June, AVF collaborated with Project Sanctuary again, providing acupuncture during their 24th retreat at the beautiful YMCA in Granby.  In two and a half days, 24 acupuncture sessions were provided, 9 of these were for children.  And these kids were all very persistent, and made sure they had their time on the treatment table!  Your enthusiasm is greatly appreciated!

There was also one session teaching couples how to work on one another’s neck muscles to help alleviate headaches.

Project Sanctuary is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that hosts 5 night therapeutic retreats for military families in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains that are designed to facilitate a balance of intimate family interactions and communal activities.  These retreats use diversion therapy with an array of recreational activities including fishing, horse back riding, skiing, hiking and snowmobiling.


website:  http://ProjectSanctuary.US

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