Project Sanctuary 22nd Retreat

In March of 2012 Acupuncture for Veterans and their Families (AVF)joined Project Sanctuary at the Granby YMCA for their 22nd retreat for military families.  The families, staff and volunteers were very open and glad to receive Chinese medicine and acupuncture services.


During the two and a
half days that AVF
participated with this
retreat, AVF provided
19 treatments, 3 of
which were for
children, and 4 for
staff and volunteers.
To see more
photographs from the
retreat, please check
out the AVF website:



Participant at the 22nd Project Sanctuary Retreat
Father is actively serving in the army, 6 deployments.   She is receiving auriculotherapy.


AVF is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing free Chinese medicine and acupuncture services for veterans, active duty, and their immediate family members in order to address the stress and pain resulting from military service.

Project Sanctuary is a nonprofit
organization that hosts 5
night therapeutic retreats for
military families in Colorado’s
Rocky Mountains that are
designed to facilitate a balance
of intimate family interactions
and communal activities. These
retreats use diversion therapy
with an array of recreational
activities including fishing,
horse back riding, skiing,
hiking and snowmobiling.
website: ProjectSanctuary.US









Participant at the 22nd Project Sanctuary Retreat
Husband, Father, Army 17 years, Active duty, 6 deployments
He is receiving cupping and acupuncture.  Spouse in background




Acupuncture for Veterans and their Families and Project Sanctuary are
501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.  We appreciate all levels of support!
Donations are tax deductible.


Participants at the 22nd Project Sanctuary Retreat
On the table:  Father, husband, Army veteran
On the couch:  Father, husband, Active duty army, 3 deployments
Both endure multiple physical injuries, post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injury (TBI).


Families, staff and volunteers saw a noticeable difference in pain levels, anxiety, sleep, breathing, (yes, the ability to take a deeper breath) energy, and a general sense of well being.


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